5 Summer Inspired Wedding Cakes We Love

Summer Inspired Wedding Cakes

Summer is here and so is your wedding! This is such an important day for you and we are here for it. With that being said, we know just how important it is for you to look your best not only for your wedding and honeymoon, but also for the summer season that follows. With that being said, we’ve gathered 5 summer inspired wedding cakes we love for your wedding! Oh! Don’t worry, all of our inspo for this is low fat, low sugar just for this season.

5 Summer Inspired Wedding Cakes

Beautiful naked wedding cake

Iceless wedding cakes are a great way to reduce sugars from having no icing. It’s also a great time to add in natural sugars like the fruits here in the photo. Also, you could even go healthier by greatly reducing the amount of icing between each cake.

simple elegant wedding cake ideas for 2019

Often times, going with a smaller cake in general can save you calories. For example, to make sure everyone else gets a piece serve yourself a smaller slice. Or, just do a bite after the wedding cake cutting for the photos.

Rice Crispy Wedding Cake

Believe it or not, this rice crispy cake idea is a lot healthier than a regular cake. This could be homemade with more natural ingredients if you’re vegan or even vegetarian. This inspo is still super new and we haven’t seen many brides with this cake.

Ice Cream Sandwich Wedding Cake

An ice cream sandwich can be super refreshing in the hot summer. Especially if your wedding is outdoors. One thing, make sure you keep this in the freezer till it’s time for cake! This idea is great because you can go with vegan ice cream and healthy cookies if you’re super serious about your figure this summer!

Mini merengues with fruit

Mini merengues with fruit is another great idea for a summer wedding cake. Not only is it super light and won’t make you feel more full after the dinner, but it’s a smaller portion leaving you with less calories!

So ladies, get out there and get the wedding cake of your dreams! If you like this and want more inspo, check out our Pinterest Board, Let Them Eat Cake.

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