A Bride’s Guide To The Perfect Rustic Wedding

Perfect Rustic Wedding

Have you been dreaming of the perfect rustic wedding? Summer sunsets are the perfect setting for rustic weddings. Rustic weddings are perfect for the summer because of the use of outdoor venues and earthy decor options. For example, think of all the beautiful looks you can create in the countryside. Not only that, but the lighting for your wedding pictures is so soft and warm. Unlike the winter months, when the lighting is cold and harder to control when shooting outdoors. Rustic weddings are a great way to incorporate nature into the decor, and can even cut costs. So, what are some great ideas for your rustic wedding?

Perfect Rustic Wedding

Rustic Weddings

The Perfect Venue for Rustic Weddings

First, get the venue picked out. One great idea to cut venue costs down would be to host your wedding on someones land. Let’s say you have a friend with a vineyard, ask them to rent their space! Often times, people will gift it to you because it’s your wedding! This will allow you to spend more on other things, such as your dress, the flowers, photographers, or even a private photoshoot! Summertime outdoors is magical. With the longer days the sun stays out much longer, there are birds chirping, and summer flowers blooming.

Perfect Rustic Wedding

The Decor for rustic weddings

Once you’ve decided on a venue it’s time to start choosing your decor. However, when you’re choosing the decor remember to incorporate nature and use DIY help! Incorporating nature could mean, giving each guest a succulent near their name card, or using vines across the tables instead of flowers.

Perfect Rustic Wedding

The Atmosphere of Rustic Weddings

Finally, top off this rustic wedding with the perfect atmosphere. By adding things like hanging lights, lanterns around the walkways, lemonade pitchers, get creative, it’s summer! Another great way to add to the atmosphere would be to add games like corn hole for the kids, play poker for the gown-ups and make sure you have a big dance floor so you can dance till the stars come out!

Perfect Rustic Wedding


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