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Summer of love giveaway starts this week and goes until the end of July. Enter this contest for a chance to win the LOVE LETTERS for your photoshoot!!

Summer of Love giveaway

Photo by; Jay Jay Studios
Summer of Love giveaway
Sky Studio Venue

Sky Studio, is a modern estate with magnificent views of downtown Los Angeles. Shoot your Bridal, Save the Dates, Sweet Sixteen, and Proposal photography at this estate. As well as host your wedding day, or reception. In fact, the size of Sky Studio is perfect for large events and the view from the top of LA is absolutely breathtaking.

Summer of Love Giveaway
@KrisKan Photography
Summer of Love giveaway
Concrete Loft Estate

The Concrete Loft estate is a dream come true if you’re looking for a modern loft style themed photoshoot. For instance, the countless backdrops inside the loft include a timeless white room, the view of downtown and the soft grey cement wall shown above. Next, the view with the famous X’s and our woodgrain wall work perfectly to manipulate the estate for more backdrops in the same place.

Love in the City estate is extraordinary for it’s rooftop views of downtown Los Angeles. In addition to the amazing roof, inside the loft there is a beautiful black spiral staircase for the photographer to create inspiration for the brides photos. Also, the cozy foyer area shown above is perfect for softer photos (Foyer is an additional fee).

Summer of Love Giveaway
@Dukeimages Photography
Summer of Love giveaway
Pasadena Princess Estate

Finally, the Pasadena Princess. This beautiful estate is well known for its magnificent grounds, from the gardens, bamboo forests, tropical pond, and so much more. Countless numbers of photographers have shot here as well as some celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Lilly Ghalichi.

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