Top 4 Ways to Recycle Wedding Items

Recycle Wedding Items

Wondering what to do with all that wedding stuff after the big day? I’ve got 4 ideas for you so you don’t become a hoarder! So, here are the 4 best ways to Recycle Wedding Items…

Recycle Wedding Items

  1. Sell it

Most brides don’t consider selling their wedding items. They want to keep it for remembrance and then years pass. Once you forget about it, you become a hoarder! The great thing about selling it is, someone else has the chance to enjoy your things and you don’t have to store them! After all, you’re not planning on having another wedding right?

Let’s face it, even if you do get re married you’re not going to wear that same dress! There are lots of sites where you sell your wedding dress. Such as, Posh-mark, Offer Up, even craigslist might work! You never know!

  1. Revamp it

Give the wedding dress to a seamstress for some alterations that will allow you to wear the dress for other occasions. You can also change the color of your wedding shoes by beautifying them with a unique color pattern. Also, your wedding invitations can be revamped into gift bags to be used as a gift package that will be sent to your guests. The flower bouquet can also be arranged in a beautiful flower vase and placed in your sitting room’s center table as décor. The guest book can also be used as a décor that you will always see. Keeping the guest book in your home will remind you of everyone present at your wedding.

  1. Donate it

Consider donating your wedding items to charity or even a thrift store. Your wedding venue décor such as flowers, balloons, trinkets, vases, can be sent to charity homes, gift shops or orphanages. These are things children would love to play with, and it could even brighten their day. Moreover, all excess or leftover food can be sent to homeless shelters, taken home by guests, or given to the local food bank. You should assign someone to help you take care of this of course.

  1. Regift

Sending some of these wedding items as gifts to your guests after your big day will help them have a lasting memory of your wedding day in their homes. Use the papers and stationaries as a gift bag and pack gifts like the wedding decors, photo booth props, and dried flowers.

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