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wedding invitations

Making wedding invitations is the first step to getting people aware of your wedding day. A wedding invitation most times reflects the values that the couples share, their common interests and color representation. Although, you will have to include the details of your wedding such as the date, time, venue, direction, a toast of love and sometimes your photo.

However, in designing your wedding invitation you must decide on the type of wedding invitation you would love to use, the color, and the kinds of people you are inviting and the season of the year.

Unique Wedding Invitations

A recycled wedding invitations

Your wedding invitation can be made out of recycled paper if you desire a more environmentally friendly wedding invitation. Your names should be boldly written on the paper and then attach some natural fresh flowers to the invitation cards. Also, be sure to include an email or your wedding registry address so that your guest can check the wedding details online.

wedding invitations
Brown recycled paper wedding invitation
Cotton fiber wedding invitations

This kind of wedding invitation is made from 100% cotton fibers. It’s preferred if you want your wedding invitation to be unique and classic. The wedding invites has a natural super soft texture that your guests will want to run their fingers through. The material is acid and lignin free and will not fade or become yellow after a long time.

wedding invitations
cotton fiber wedding invitations
Solid wood wedding invitations

The wedding invitation is made from finely polished wood with your names and all details about the event is engraved on the wood. This type of wedding invitation is also environmentally friendly if you do not want to use a paper wedding invitation. The natural feeling produced by this type of material will captivate your invitees’ attention. Its classic and stays polished over the years.

Wedding Invitations
Love Tree wedding invitation rustic wedding invitation
Digital wedding invitations

You can make this kind of wedding invitation at home with a high-quality laser printer. If you want colorful designs for your wedding invitation, then you should consider using a digital wedding invitation. You can add all the colors you will love to see on your wedding invitation without any extra cost.

wedding invitations
digital wedding invitation
Choosing a color for your wedding invitations.

You must be careful to choose the right color for your wedding invitation.

Here are a few tips to help
  1. Type of wedding invitation

If you are using a recycled wedding invitation or DIY invitations then you should consider using natural colors like beige, ivory, black, and white. For example, if you are using a solid wood wedding invitation than cool colors like pink, lilac, peach or fuchsia will be good.

  1. The season of the year

The season of the year in which your wedding event will occur is also important. Check out flower colors for the season. If your wedding is in spring you should consider colors like pink, lilac, miniature snowflakes, puschkinia etc. Also, if your wedding will be in summer you should consider colors like purple, green, burgundy, red, magenta.

  1. Consider your wedding venue

If you are having an open space wedding venue like a flower garden, a green field, seaside,  then you should use more cool colors. However, bright colors should be considered for in-house or closed venue weddings.


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