The 4 Types of Bridesmaids You’ll Find at The Wedding

Types of Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are people too, and they come in different sizes and shapes. No matter how many bridesmaids you have (and some brides decide to have A LOT), each and every one of them falls into one of the four categories listed below. So, here are the 4 types or bridesmaids you will encounter at every wedding. 


The Life Saver Bridesmaid

This type of bridesmaid is a classic problem solver and arguably the worthiest bridesmaid to have around. Did you forget the lipstick? She has it in her bag. Do you need help going to the bathroom with the huge ball gown on? She will hold it for you. You are getting cold feet and nervous? She will talk you through that. Your shoe broke? She will give you hers. 


The Type-A Bridesmaid

This type of bridesmaid is also a gem to have in your circle. She is not only included and helping with the wedding planning, and she is staying on top of it and helping you get the load off your back. She makes the wedding planning that much easier with her presence and her actions. This type of bridesmaid likes to be in charge, and if you as a bride like that too, you might end up bumping heads. So, to avoid that, you can give her a to-do list that will contain everything you expect her to do.


The Fun Single and Ready to Mingle Bridesmaid

This type of bridesmaid is fun on legs. She is probably the life of the party in real life, outside your wedding, and she brings that energy into the wedding too. She likes to dance and talk to people, and she doesn’t mind if she is matched up with some handsome eligible bachelor. As a bride, you should enjoy her lighthearted and joyful energy, because it will make your day more enjoyable and fun. You should watch her drinking, though, cause this type of bridesmaid can get carried away.


The Always Running Late Bridesmaid

We all have at least one friend that is always late. Well, the same goes for bridesmaids. This can be a massive cause of stress for the bride if the ceremony starts at 3 pm and some bridesmaids didn’t show up yet. So talk to every bridesmaid beforehand, but be prepared for something like that happening.

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