5 Most Popular Honeymoon Beach Ideas In 2019

Popular Honeymoon Beach Ideas

Dreaming of white sand, and crystal blue beaches? The summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beach on your fall or winter honeymoon. In fact, here are 5 Popular Honeymoon Beach Ideas that are beautiful year round. 

Charming Seychelles Islands

First, if you decide to go to Seychelles Islands, you will enjoy deep blue waters and gorgeous, unspoiled shores in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Once you get to the Seychelles Islands, you will never want to go back. These three islands will give a new meaning to a “Honeymoon phase”! There are three islands, each of them is unique and they are all pretty affordable.


Wonderful Honeymoon in Jamaica

Next, this is a paradise for love birds, especially if you are both nature lovers. The climate is absolutely the climate you think about when you say honeymoon:  pleasant, tropical and all-around sunny. In Jamaica, there are a lot of beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts.


Greece Honeymoon

Also, Greece is one of the most romantic places in the world, which makes it completely perfect for a romantic honeymoon for two love birds. You have probably heard about a famous Santorini’s black-sand beach, crimson sunsets, and amazing pools on the edge of a cliff. If you are interested in going to some parties and enjoying the nightlife, Glam Mykonos is the center of youth parties and various events.


The Best Honeymoon Beaches -The Philippines

Philippines are what we call paradise on Earth. Love birds will enjoy crystal clear azure ocean waters, romantic secluded lagoons and the sun in green leaves of coconut palms. Philippines are really private and the locals are nice and kind. Nobody will disturb the privacy you two want to have together.


Hawaii- the Most Popular Honeymoon Destination

Finally, Imagine the most beautiful vacation, the most beautiful beaches and the most beautiful sightings. Once you get to Hawaii, it will surpass all your expectations. You will never want to come back home once you see amazing tropical nature, secluded blue lagoons and leisurely beach walks at sunset.

If you like the vacation where you get to explore, Hawaii gives you options of riding the horses, romantic dinners, dancing in the open air and bathing in waterfalls.

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