Valentines Day Gift Ideas For HIM

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Alright ladies it’s your turn. When it comes to Valentines Day gift ideas for him, it’s way harder to choose. So, what do men really want for Valentines Day? To be honest it’s always harder to figure out what guys want, even on their birthdays! You spend all this time with them and they never seem to want or need anything; but we know what men want, so take it from us and keep scrolling to find out for yourself…

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

#1 You

Let’s be honest, the best Valentines Day gift for him is YOU! For instance, spend time with him unhindered by your phone, the kids, work thoughts, business ideas, or any other distraction. Nowadays we spend so much time on our electronic devices, talking about work, rushing around, we often forget how important quality time really is. Since Valentines Day falls on a Thursday this year, spend the evening one on one with him. Call the baby sitter and take the night off, no kids? Even easier!

Another tip, put something sexy on! Let your hair down, curl it, put on makeup! This will not only make you feel more beautiful but it will also change your polarity. If you work, you’re a mother, and a wife often times we spend a lot of time in a masculine energy. Getting dressed up and putting makeup will change your emotional state from masculine to feminine energy and you’ll feel more relaxed. Men love to see their women in feminine energy! In fact, when you fell in love you spent most of your time in a feminine energy. So take the time and get sexy!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Long Red Dress
Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Deep Red Silk Dress for your night out
Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Spaghetti Strap Red Dress

Take time to talk about him, listen to him, and let him talk freely. I know it’s hard to think about as women but we talk a lot! Often times, men don’t talk about their feelings, thoughts, desires. This is the perfect time to relax and let him open up to you. Grab some wine, scotch, whiskey, or whichever you like to drink and vibe together. Also, if you want to spoil him get him a small gift.

#2 Gift Ideas

Ready to blow him away? The day before Valentines Day look in his closet for his sizes. Then, go shopping that day and grab him a new outfit and yourself a new dress! It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, just something nice. Once, you’ve done that, set reservations at your favorite restaurant. Upon him coming home the day of Valentines, have the outfit laid out for him to change into. BE READY WHEN HE COMES HOME! That way he can come home to you looking amazing, and this also means we’re going out! He will be so surprised and hopefully he didn’t make any other plans for the both of you!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Outfit For Him

Can’t pull that off? No worries, men love small things like wallets, belts, shoes, and sunglasses. Take him shopping on Valentines Day, or if you know his style surprise him with a gift!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Multiple Wallet | Louis Vuitton ®
Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Voyager 35mm Belt | Louis Vuitton ®

Whichever Valentines Day gift ideas you go with, always remember dress up and make it all about him!


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