Things have changed in 2020, but one thing that will not be stopped by anything, even a pandemic, is definitely a wedding season! And no matter what is going on, looking good is always important! We are bringing you a list of the most amazing wedding guest outfits to wear and rock in 2021! 

Animal Print

Animal print is never really out of style, but it will make a big boom in the year 2021, especially in the wedding season. Animal print is quite the bold option, and make sure to check with the bride if you are worried that she might have something against it, but do not worry about it being chic – it definitely is. If you are the type to go all out, do not be shy and use that opportunity for a fun outfit. Make sure to match it with simple accessories and shoes. 

Long Pastel Dress 

If you want to feel like a princess but still be comfortable all day long, you should go for a flowy, long dress in a pastel color. Long dresses are flattering on everyone, and it is a perfect opportunity to sport some fun and colorful shoes or jewelry (or both). Just make sure to stay away from white or off-white hues, since you are attending the wedding and those shades are reserved for the bride herself. 

A Suit 

Attending a wedding reception definitely does not have to mean wearing a fancy dress! Suits can be equally elegant and breathtaking, especially if done right. Make sure to choose a comfortable, high-quality material (especially on a hot day), and make sure to choose the color that suits your skin tone and hair color. Pair it with some fancy heals or comfortable shoes, and you are golden! 

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