How to Plan a Safe Social Distancing Wedding In 2021

We can all agree that nothing is the same anymore and that it will not be for a long, long time. The uncertainty surrounding social gatherings for the foreseeable future means that the wedding planners and couples will have to make some changes in planning their special day. However, keep in mind that nothing can stop love and the celebration of love, not even a pandemic! There are ways to plan a safe wedding in 2021. Here is how. 

Provide the Necessary Equipment 

The couple celebrating the wedding should provide hand sanitizers, gloves, and face masks. Make sure to provide more than needed, it is better than providing less than needed. Make sure that every table has multiple hand-sanitizer bottles. You can even give those out as wedding favors before the guests come into the venue! You might also want to consider conducting temperature checks on the entrance. 

Institute a System of “Comfort” Bands 

Make sure you have on-site rapid COVID-19 testing and make sure you are seating your guests by family or pod. This is a new standard and a new normal that we should all get used to. However, another amazing way to make sure your guests are safe and comfortable is by providing color-coding wristbands that outwardly express comfort levels. This system allows guests to, quite literally, color-code the room.

Here are some examples: 

  • Red: keep the social distance, please. 
  • Blue: A group is ok but I would like to avoid hugging! 
  • Green: I am vaccinated and safe! 

Create Safe Spaces for Guests

It is important for guests to take all of the suggested safety measures, but it is also crucial to give them room to do so. You cannot expect fifty people to social-distance in a small room. Make sure to get creative and clearly define safe spaces for all your guests.

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