Winter Wedding Shoes for Bridesmaids

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The stereotype that women love their shoes is true for most women, right? And so what if you are attending a wedding in the middle of winter? A winter wedding doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your perfect shoes. You might be all out of ideas, but we are here, and we have your back. We have collected some of the most stunning wedding shoes that are going to be perfect for weddings during the coldest months of the year.


Winter Wedding Boots

First, if the wedding is held outdoors or if you are going for outdoor portraits, you’ll need a proper pair of boots to avoid catching a cold ad to feel comfortable. Here, you have a lot of options: UGG boots, for usual leather boots, white Chelsea boots, or even tall sneakers.


Winter Wedding Heels

Next, if you live in a warm climate, if you need a fancy pair of heels to swap during the reception or if you aren’t going outside at all, you can still go for a full wedding heel glam. Also, if you decide to go for heels, there are endless options out there, and they all depend on your style and the style of your dress. In fact, red heels have been trendy lately because they give a touch of color and a bold holiday feel to your look. You can also go for shoes with embellished block heels or studded shoes if you want to look bold and original. The choice is yours!


Winter Wedding Fur, Feather or Lace Shoes

Another way to embrace the season is going with fur, feathers or white lace. Feathers will give the shoes some extra elegance and class. White fur shoes (whether they are healed or not) are a chic and cute shoe idea for a winter bridesmaid because they will make you feel like a snowy queen. White lace shoes are classy and elegant, and they are great for a winter wedding and for other seasons, too.

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