Adding A Twist On Wedding Tradition

Wedding Tradition

Wondering what is meant by a twist on wedding tradition? It’s simply making the old new again without actually changing the old.

Due to the increase in social development, and civilization we tend to abandon most of our traditions for new civilized trends. Many times, we feel these traditional ways of life are boring so we tend to put them aside.

However, instead of burying our traditions and having our children do the same, we can create a twist in tradition. A twist on tradition is a way of spicing up our traditions making it more desirable to us and the younger generations.

wedding tradition
Traditional Wedding Celebration

Adding A Twist On Wedding Tradition

A twist on tradition in a Jewish wedding ceremony

First, it’s a popular tradition in the Jewish wedding ceremony for the groom to dance to the bride’s house. However, most grooms nowadays find this really shameful. If you are in this situation, you can make a twist in tradition by asking some of the special women in your life accompany you in the dance. This can make it exciting and help you gather courage to dance to your bride-to-be’s house.

If you are required to have a Rabbi perform the joining ceremony, you can ask a Rabbi you already have a close relationship with to do the joining so that you wouldn’t have an entire stranger join you with your partner.

A twist on tradition in an African American wedding ceremony

Second, Africans are known to have a lot of history, cultures, and tradition and the African Americans are not an exception either.

There are lots of traditions in an African American wedding. Such as, jumping the broom, tying the knot, crossing the sticks, money spray dance, knocking the door, etc. Although some of these traditions have its origins from the African countries, yet it has become a part of the African American wedding ceremony.

 A twist in jumping the broom tradition

Next, the bride will be asked to jump over the broom as a sign of chasing away all forms of evil and starting a new life with her husband. You can personalize this tradition by making a DIY broom of flowery sticks and packed together with a ribbon. The stick broom can then be kept as a décor in your home.

A twist in the tradition of money spray dance

Finally, the tradition of money spray dance has its advantages of helping couples make some extra dollars during the couple’s dance at the reception. In face, asking the DJ to play some music that you love while your guests perform the money spray.

Wedding traditions may differ based on your religion and culture. However, no matter your tradition or that of your partner, you can make some twists and also have a memorable and exciting traditional wedding day.

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