What Do I Need to Know About Venue Contracts?

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The Ultimate Checklist for a Venue Contract 

A venue contract sets out the rules, regulations, protocols, and agreements between a client and venue when hiring event space. You cannot get away from the tedious fine print. However, if you have never hired space before, you might not be familiar with the practical details that are necessary to follow. We know how hard it is to read an entire contract before signing it, but this really is unavoidable. When you are responsible for the success of an event, skim reading is just not an option! We created a checklist of things for you to consider with our venue contract checklist. 

Read and re-read everything

As people, we all have a negative tendency to not read every word on a page. However, in this scenario, you need to read every word. The worst thing you can do is get into complications because you missed a section.

Check access hours

Be sure to check over the access hours that have been set on the venue contract. You also need to know what happens if you end up staying longer than the contracted times. It is also important to not make any assumptions. Just because you have the venue for the day, does not mean you will get access whenever you require it. Make sure to clear this all up beforehand to avoid confusion.

Look out for a cancellation clause

You could book a venue a year in advance and the day after you book, you decide that you need to cancel the booking. That is 364 days in advance, but that does not mean you will not get charged. Most venues have their own cancellation policy unique to their venue, which is why you need to check how long you have to cancel, and any charges that may incur. 

Ask for contract clarification

You should never think less of yourself for not understanding complicated contract jargon. However, it silly and rather irresponsible to not ask for clarification on anything you do not understand. If you are not sure what something means, do not be afraid to ask! 

Be confident in deposits and payments dates

You may be required to pay a deposit before you sign the contract as a holding fee, but all venues have their own policies. Make sure the contract not only states what fees you have already paid, but what is left to pay and when. Are you paying the venue in installments? If so, find out when these should be paid by. Do you get charged extra if you pay later? Before you sign anything, make sure you are confident about these things. 

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