5 Popular Wedding Traditions You Want to Know

Popular Wedding Traditions

Most of us love those popular wedding traditions that make the wedding so unique, and most of the brides want to follow when, just like their mothers, grandmas, and grand grandmas. But have you ever wondered how did these traditions start? Here is how and why.

Wedding Veil

This one is debatable and there a lot of versions of the origin story. These are the two main ones:

  1. The virgin brides were covered in ordered to be hidden from the evil spirits
  2. In the past, many marriages were arranged, so the bride’s family wanted the bride to be covered to make sure that the groom doesn’t run away when he sees her (if you ask us, that is pretty mean).

Flower Girl

In Ancient Rome, young girls used to spread wheat and spices on the quests and the bride and groom. Now, the flower girls spread flower petals, since it looks much prettier and works with the whole ceremony much better. This tradition is strongly connected with harvesting fertility and happiness between the newlyweds.

Throwing Rice

This tradition has the same reason behind it like the one above it. Throwing the rice and it falling down from the sky mimics the rain. Rain on the wedding day symbolizes prosperity and good fortune.


You probably enjoy this tradition more than any other else. What is better than including your best girlfriends on your big day? The origin of this was born from the need for protection of the bride. Bridesmaids served the purpose of protecting the bride from the competing suitors and evil spirits that were continually trying to steal the engaged brides.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

We tend to think that the color white stands for purity, but the color blue represents both purity and fidelity. A good example for that belief is a Virgin Mary, she is always wearing her blue robe.

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