What Does A Wedding Theme Mean?

themed wedding

You have probably heard about a weeding theme, right? Even though that term gets thrown around a lot, especially during conversation about wedding planning, but many couples do not really know what that term entails. But there is no need to worry, because we are here to explain everything you need to know and point you in the right direction. 

What Is A Wedding Theme? 

Every wedding in centered around a specific theme other than color or a pattern, that connects different aspects of that wedding. That theme is called, you guessed it, a wedding theme. As we previously mentioned, the wedding theme is reflected in all of the different aspects of the wedding, including the wedding party’s attire, the wedding decor and the wedding cake.

Many couples tend to give a slight hint of a wedding’s theme pretty early on, to make their wedding prepared, so that they know what to expect for that special day, and how to prepare themselves, as well as dress themselves. Many couples decide to share their wedding theme on their save-the-dates or wedding invitations.

What Are Some Examples Of Wedding Themes? 

Here are some of the examples of wedding themes. 

  • Fairy Tale Theme
  • Garden Theme
  • Beach Theme
  • A Winter Wonderland 
  • Romantic Wedding Theme 
  • Alternative Wedding Theme
  • Vintage Wedding Theme
  • Whimsical Wedding Theme 
  • Modern Wedding Theme
  • Rustic Wedding Theme
  • Garden Party/Casual Wedding Theme
  • Bohemian Wedding Theme
  • Southern-Inspired Wedding Theme
  • Formal/Traditional Wedding Theme 
  • Art Deco Wedding Theme
  • Nautical Wedding Theme
  • Eco-Friendly/Natural Wedding Theme
  • Celestial Wedding Theme 
  • Tropical Wedding Theme 
  • Preppy Wedding Theme
  • Christmas/Holiday Wedding Theme
  • Travel Wedding Theme

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