Who Pays for The Wedding? Here is What Experts Have to Say

Who Pays for The Wedding

A few decades ago, it was crystal clear who is supposed to pays for the wedding. Nowadays, lines tend to get a bit blurry, and it can be hard to know.

Today’s family dynamics are so much different than the dynamics that were present in the past: no more working man and owned bride. In fact, there are now same-sex couples, second weddings, women working while men stay at home… the situation has dramatically changed.

Another situation can become quite a pickle once the bride’s and groom’s parents and families get involved. Don’t worry; we are to clear things up.

What Do the Bride’s Parents Pay for?

In the past, the bride’s parents were expected to cover the cost of the whole wedding.

This includes:

  • The engagement party
  • The rehearsal dinner
  • The ceremony
  • Officiant fees and accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Photography
  • The reception
  • Flowers
  • Food

Additionally, if you go back far enough, the bride’s parents were even expected to provide a dowry. This was a gift of land or money that was intended to help get the couple starts their life on their own.

What Do the Groom’s Parents Pay for?

But some time has passed since then, and nowadays the groom’s parents are taking more wedding financial responsibility.

Also, the groom or groom’s parents were expected to pay for the bride’s gown and the honeymoon. In most weddings, the rehearsal dinner, officiant fees, tuxedo rentals, wedding favors, and transportation are added in the list of the groom’s parent’s costs.

What Does the Bride and Groom Pay for?

Even if parents are handling most of the bills, the bride and groom are still expected to foot a part of it. Often times, bride is expected to cover the bridal costs of stationery (invitations, table cards, save the dates). The bride is also expected to cover all of the favors, travel, and accommodations for her bridal party. However, groom should pay for the engagement ring and the wedding bands, groomsmen attire, and tuxedo costs.

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