Super Cute Gay and Lesbian Wedding Ideas

Gay and Lesbian Wedding

For all the members of LGBT community, expressing the love legally is well deserved. Now that the wait is over, the same-sex couples are seeking for gay and lesbian wedding ideas to make their day fun and colorful. You can finally make your love official and we are happy to be of immense help to you all with these awesome LGBT wedding ideas.

Curved Seating Pattern

The straight row seating pattern is so last season. You can do something creative with the seating pattern by seating guests in a circular pattern. This way, there is no separation between the sides and all the guests can witness your love effortlessly.

Double Bouquets

One of the most awesome and adorable lesbians wedding ideas is both of the brides carrying a bouquet. The bouquets can be the same or completely different, it is completely up to the brides.

Hidden Colors

If you want to keep your cake traditionally white or cream but you still want to show off the colors of the pride, you can go for a plain colored cake with hidden colors within. It will show off layers of rainbow color when cut open.

Rainbow Inspired Confetti

You can add some colors in your lesbian/gay wedding ceremony by making your confetti a rainbow color affair. This will be a splash of color to remember.

Pride Shoes

Speaking of ways to show off your pride while celebrating your day, another great one is wearing shoes in rainbow colors. You can wear a pair of sneakers with rainbow soles or a pair of sneakers with some rainbow laces. If you are ready to go out, you can go for a full-on rainbow shoe.

Groom’s Maids

One of the best gay wedding ideas is having a lineup of Groom’s maids. And if they all decide to go down in expertly tailored suits… the wedding photos will look so cool. 

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