Winter Wonderland Engagement Photos

We have all seen our fair share of romantic engagement photos taken in the summer and on the beach. And while these photos are beautiful and dreamy, there is something so magical about engagement photos taken in front of the winter-white background. Whether you are trying to decide if you want to take your engagement photos in the winter or looking for inspiration for winter engagement photos, you have come to the right place! We put together a list of some of the most amazing winter engagement photos to get you inspired! 

Bundle up in a blanket

You can take the comfort of Netflix and chill and translate it into your engagement photography session. How? Bring an oversized, winter-inspired blanket to wrap around one another. The white, snowy background is going to drive the point even more! Make sure that the engagement ring is visible in the picture!  

Bury the bling in the snow 

Setting the ring in pure white snow is going to give an elegant result and is a lovely way to get the detail. This is definitely the picture you will want to frame and keep on display forever. 

Ski Lift

A ski lift is going to offer a bird’s eye view of a stunning scenery, completed with mountain and lake in the background. Make sure to kiss in at least one of the photos, to make the pictures even more magical! 

Frosty Goodness

A damp fog and frosty ground is going to set a beautifully mystic tone to a barren wintry shot. Make sure to include some Christmas lights and you are golden!  

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