World’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

The honeymoon is the ultimate vacation: You’re sent off with best wishes to travel away with your best friend for an indulgent holiday in some remote, romantic location. You are celebrating getting married and starting a new chapter in your life, and best of all: you’re celebrating it with your favorite person by your side. But in the middle of the wedding plans, there comes the conversation of where you want to go. It might be somewhere close: a nearby place you used to visit when you were a kid, or a dreamy faraway island you’ve been wanting to see for a while. But since you’re celebrating love and relationships, let’s look at the most romantic places you can visit with your new spouse.

                  Greek islands

The many cities and islands of Greece are the perfect place for a newlywed couple, since their stories and streets can inspire anyone. With so many islands to choose from, you can be as alone as you’d like, without risking any of the beauty of the land. Try to avoid the peak tourist seasons, since it can get quite crowded, and rather enjoy the breezy autumn evenings, sipping wine on a white balcony, watching the sea and sky blend into one. Explore the ancient ruins and learn the stories of the gods and heroes that inspired so much art over thousands of years. Whether it’s the trips to the turquoise waters, the long walks along the brick paths, or the senior locals who exchange flowers around you, you will feel the romance in the air, and definitely contribute to the atmosphere yourselves!


                  French Polynesia

Everyone was at some point drawn to the crystal clear tropical waters, the perfect sandy beaches and the fresh coconuts of the Polynesian islands. Here, there is something for everyone. If you want to relax and wake up every morning literally inches above the water, then a hut in Bora Bora might fit your preferences. And if you want to explore the Polynesian culture, history and nature, then you should visit the beautiful island of Raiatea or Huahine – or spend some time on each of them. You can book an all-inclusive package and enjoy your stay on the beautiful, romantic beaches lounging around and enjoying each other’s company, or you can find something closer to a town and learn how to think and act like the locals.


                  Sydney, Australia

Not sure whether you want a relaxing holiday, a buzzing adventure or a nature get-away? Sydney’s got you covered. The advantage of a big city is that it truly has everything you could ask for. Roam around the beautiful gardens, take a day trip to a national park, or go crazy with the vibrant nightlife. Make sure you visit this beautiful North Shore golf club that offers stunning views of the ocean and excellent facilities. Plan a picnic at a quiet spot and let the romance seep into you while you watch the sunset. With a ton of options for accommodation, you will be able to find something that fits you perfectly, whether it’s living like a local in a rented apartment, or staying in luxury with an all-inclusive suite.


                  Tuscany, Italy

Italy is the place where romance was born. Nowhere in the world will you find more idyllic scenery, better wine and lovelier paths for long, sunset walks. It is truly a place to escape and be with a special person for a little while. The locals are extremely friendly, and if you go during the summer, you are very likely to have amazing weather. It brings back the old-fashion romance, with the stone villas, enamoring gardens and endless hilly landscapes. Enjoy the wine and each other’s company with no intrusions from the world that you came from.


Going on a honeymoon isn’t just one step of the wedding process. It’s a time for you to relax and let go of the stress of the wedding planning, and start your married life with a beautiful memory. No matter what your budget may be, or if you both had different wishes, you will find a place you will love, and it might just become your regular vacation spot. Just remember to close your eyes, hold each other close, and be reminded of how thankful you are that you have each other.

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