Planning Out Your Engagement Photoshoot

Your Engagement Photoshoot

Your wedding day is meant to be the biggest day of your lives, but there’s no doubt that getting engaged comes in at a close second. After all, engagement marks the very beginning of a lifelong commitment to each other. Your wedding ceremony is going to leave you with hundreds of beautiful photos with all your loved ones, but you are going to cherish capturing those special moments in the middle of her saying “Yes,” and you both saying “I do.” Use these tips for planning your engagement photoshoot!

With all of the benefits of an engagement shoot, we thought it’d be a great idea to give you all the tips you will need to plan one.

Discuss your ideas

The absolute place to start with any engagement shoot is sitting down with your partner and discussing ideas you both have about it. Grab a blank piece of paper and begin writing down anything that you like and see fitting, whether it’s a specific theme or even certain emotions you want to portray in your photos.

Gather your inspiration

With all of your ideas on paper, it’s time to gather some inspiration to translate those them into visual imagery that you (and your photographer) can constantly refer back to. You can collect your favorite images or ideas into a folder dedicated entirely to your engagement shoot and look for any common themes.

Find some special locations of the shoot

We are going to assume that you have chosen the best photographer that you can get your hands on since that is very important when it comes to taking good engagement pictures. Well, once the photographer is chosen, you can also begin to narrow down some specific shoot locations for you and your partner. This will largely depend on the initial ideas you brainstormed, as well as the thoughts and ideas you gathered earlier.

Choose your outfits

This is something couples may overlook (especially if they’re in a hurry or stressed), their engagement shoot outfits. Make sure you won’t be clashing, nor will you be wearing any patterns that may capture poorly through the lens (for example, stripes and gingham).

Enjoy the moment

Last but not least, you have to enjoy the moment. Have fun in front of the lens, play around, smile, kiss, hug, try silly poses. Those make for the most precious pictures.

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