Unique Things to Put on Your Wedding Registry

Your Wedding Registry

If you feel you already have everything you could possibly want before your wedding day and you’re stumped with what to include on your wedding registry, you’ve come to the right place. It can feel awkward just asking for money for future investments if you are not interested in material things. So, here are a few alternative ideas that can give your loved ones some direction on what you and your future spouse need or want!

Unique Things to Put on Your Wedding Registry

The Honeymoon

Register for your honeymoon trip to give others the opportunity to chip in on the dream. Also,  it’s a much needed vacation you and your new partner have been looking forward to. Maybe it’s a luxury cruise that you both can set sail on leaving the stress of work and worries behind. Maybe it’s the dream trip to Tuscany, Italy you have both been waiting for with endless wine tastings and cooking classes across the gorgeous countryside. Whatever you had in mind, don’t be shy to put it on your registry!



If you and your spouse are looking to kick off your life together making a difference together as a married couple, it could be a unique opportunity to pick out an organization near and dear to both of your hearts. This is a great way to have your friends and family give to something bigger than you as a couple. This will not only leave you and your spouse feeling fulfilled but also, remind others attending your wedding what you two are all about!



If you have a passion for the arts but not the wallet for artwork, it’s a great idea for your registry. Not only will you and your spouse receive pieces you wouldn’t typically buy for yourselves, but it’s a unique way for your family and friends to share their creative eye. There are even cool DYI art kits out there that would be an opportunity for you and your spouse to craft something together. This is a bit of a splurge to add, but very appropriate and tasteful! It will also be a surprise seeing what unique pieces people envision suiting you and your new partner!



If you have been itching to sign up for a new more expensive cross fit gym or yoga studio, but just can’t seem to justify the expense, this is a perfect idea to add to your registry. To go along with it, consider adding work out accessories and clothes to have you suited up for workouts. This is a healthy investment and something your guests can feel good about contributing to. Not only that, what a great way to kick off your marriage taking steps to build healthy habits!

Overall, your registry is an opportunity for your loved ones and family to give to you and your new spouse with well wishes for the future. This can be done in many more ways than just items, these are just a few. Feel free to comment any creative ideas you may have to add below!


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