10 Bridal Party Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Love

bridal party gift ideas

Let’s face it, we all struggle with our bridal party gift ideas. Even if you’re a great gift giver, it can be hard to match all your bridesmaids personalities to one gift idea. Also, it’s important to think of a gift they will continue to use after your wedding. So, what makes a good gift for your bridesmaids? After all, the goal is to make them reminisce & show your appreciation for them on the special day you shared together. Here are a 10 starter ideas for bridal party gift ideas…

Bridal Party Gift Ideas

1. Custom Hanger

This is a great gift to give during the wedding. It can be great for a photo opt, while all your dresses are still on the rack before you get ready on your big day. Each bridesmaid get a custom hanger with their name or even nicknames can be sweet.

 Bridal Party Gift Ideas
Custom Hangers
2. Custom Tumbler

We all need our iced coffee, so this is a great gift your bridesmaids will continue to use. This can match the colors of your wedding, and even include the words “maid of honor” or “bridesmaid” it’s totally up to you. Another great way to personalize it is to add their first and even last name to the outside.

Bridal Party Gift Ideas
Custom Tumbler
3. I do Crew Slippers

I do crew slippers are so cute & comfy!! You can’t go wrong with this gift, every one of your girls would be happy to get a pair of this super soft house slippers. This is the perfect gift to wear long after your wedding.

 Bridal Party Gift Ideas
I do Crew Slippers
4. Bridal Party Robes

Robes are a great gift as well. These can also be given before the wedding so you can take cute photos. Getting ready pics are the best, and you’ll all look super cute in your matching robes! Maybe even take a vote, silky or fuzzy? Get your girls involved in the gift ideas!

Bridal Party Gift Ideas
5. CLutch

We are obsessed with these clear custom clutches! These are so cute and original! Not only will your girls love these but they can wear these to the wedding. The rose gold is such a classy touch!

Bridal Party Gift Ideas
These personalized clear acrylic wedding clutches are stunning!
6. Jewelry

Every girl loves jewelry, and what a great way to show your bridesmaids how much you love & appreciation for them. A beautiful necklace, or even a pair of earrings can be a thoughtful gift that will be worn long after your wedding day.

bridal party gift ideas
Bridesmaid Gifts and Personalized Gifts
7. Leggings

When it’s time to give your besties their bridesmaids presents, take a walk on the crafty side. We all love a good pair of leggings or yoga pants. You can’t go wrong with these comfy gifts for your girls.

bridal party gift ideas
bridal party gifts leggings
8. Sweatpants

This gift is so spot on and just perfect for after a long wedding. Let’s face it, after walking around all day in heels, and a long dress every girl wants to chill out in a soft pair of sweats.

bridal party gift ideas
Bridal Party Personalized SweatsLadies lounge pants bridal
9.  Gift Box

A little bit of everything can go a long way. A robe, a champagne glass, a photo, and maybe a bracelet. Putting together little boxes for each of your girls can be custom and very heartfelt. This is one of the best bridal party gift ideas.

bridal party gift ideas
Bridesmaids Box
10. Champagne, Chocolates, and FLowers

These three things every girl lovesssss! You literally can’t go wrong with any of these gift ideas. Give all your girls a bottle to celebrate after with, send them a thank you bouquet of flowers + some of their favorite snacks/chocolates!

Bridal party gift ideas
Girls Bestfriend

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