The year 2021 is here, and nothing will stop the 2021 wedding season; you should be prepared. And even though venue, decoration, and location play a big role, there is nothing more important than that wedding dress. After all, your wedding is the only day you get to wear it and feel like an absolute princess or a movie star! To keep you prepared and well informed, we have prepared a list of wedding dress trends for 2021! These dresses will make you smile, gawk, gasp, and get inspired!  

Wedding Jumpsuits and Pantsuits

In the year 2021, brides are going to be opting for more fun and unique looks that also provide flexibility and can be worn multiple times after the wedding itself is over. The wedding pantsuits and jumpsuit certainly fit into that description. You will not have to keep your wedding jumpsuit/pantsuit in your wardrobe after your wedding is over; you will be able to wear it to any other special occasion. Just make sure it is not someone else’s wedding! 

Short Trains

Shorter trains are going to be a real boom in 2021 because wedding fashion trends are getting more and more casual than in previous years. Wedding receptions and wedding celebrations are getting smaller, and this casual but still gorgeous style fits right in into the vibe and the feeling of a smaller wedding. Wedding dresses with short trains are elegant, classy, and not over the top.   

Bridal Capes

You can add a modern twist to your wedding dress by using a cape sleeve fabulous moment. The bridal cape is going to make you feel like royalty while you are walking down the aisle on your big day. It gives off major princess vibes; you will definitely feel like Kate Middleton while greeting all of your guests and taking pictures with them! 

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