Biggest Trends to Expect For 2021 Weddings

The year 2020 has put everything on hold, wedding celebrations included, but it is behind us now. And the year 2021 is all about love and celebration, but in a special, changed way. Our lives will undoubtedly look different than they did before, and weddings count there too.  The wedding industry is going to adapt to ongoing changes, as any other industry would, which will bring us many different trends. Here is what the year 2021 brings in terms of wedding celebrations.  

Guest Safety Will Be a Priority 

The safety and well-being of their loved ones will remain top of mind for couples in the year 2021, and years to come. Providing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer is going to help everyone in attendance feel more comfortable and safe.  

Creative Cocktail Hours

Social distancing does not have to mean putting a damper on cocktail hour and ruining the fun that all of the guests enjoy and look forward to. In 2021, you will see many couples getting more and more creative with their cocktail hour ideas. One of the safest ones is placing hors d’oeuvres at each table instead of a single shared buffet, and that is just one idea in the sea! 

Elaborate Tents

The year 2021 is going to be all about the outdoors and the outdoor activities, which means that we will see some beautiful and elaborate wedding tents. Tents are already a very popular reception setting, but they will definitely take the spotlight in the year 2021. Strands of twinkle lights, lush florals and some cozy lounge areas will turn tends into dreamy backdrop for the ceremony and reception.

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