How to Address Save the Date Envelopes: Guide

Address Save the Date Envelopes

You have probably decided on a wedding date and location and enthusiastically told everyone about your upcoming celebration. Now, it is time to write and send your ‘save the date’ cards. Sending the ‘save the date’ cards seems simple enough, but you might be wondering how exactly to do so. But don’t worry, we have the complete guide for you. Here is everything you need to know about addressing your ‘save the date’ cards.

How to Address Save the Dates?

A lot of people don’t send a lot of letters by mail anymore. So, when it comes to addressing ‘Save the date’ cards, questions about etiquette and wording often appear. Well, we have good news for you: ‘save the date cards’ are pretty simple to address. They’re usually way more casual than wedding invitations, so you don’t need to worry about rules and etiquette. Your main concern should be correctly spelling names and being clear about who is invited.

Spell Your Guests’ Full Names

It is customary to use full names, although ‘save the date’ cards aren’t formal invitations. You don’t need to include initials or middle names, but the majority of couples avoid nicknames or shortened versions of names.

State Who Is Invited and Be Clear About It

It is absolutely essential to clarify who is invited to your ‘save the date’ cards. It saves people from wondering whether they have a plus one, and it means you won’t have any unexpected guests.

Include the Names of Invited Children

It’s especially helpful to be clear about who is invited to a family with children. Parents need to know whether to find childcare for their kids or if they’re welcome to bring the little ones. Some couples prefer addressing ‘save the date’ cards to the whole family, and others like to list the names of everyone in the family. If you list all guest names, include the children’s names on the line underneath the adults’ names.

Write the Full Address

Though save the dates are less formal than invitations, it’s still widely accepted to feature the full address on envelopes. You should use the full versions of street names, towns, and cities, but you can abbreviate the state. Make sure you include the right zip code.

Include a Return Address

While the return address isn’t essential, it helps prevent stray invitations from getting lost in the post. You should write the return address on the front left corner of your envelope or add it to the back of your envelope.

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