Behind The Scenes On Your Wedding Day

behind the scenes

Having your photographer shoot a “take them behind-the-scenes” video can be very hilarious. Capturing the memories of your wedding preparations can be a great way to look back and laugh at how everything went down. It’s also a great way to catch some moments you might have forgot about.

So, if you are considering having your photographer take some take them behind the scene videos or phots. Then, here are some important aspects of the wedding preparations you should capture.

  1. The Bachelorette Party

Make sure you capture how the girls have enjoyed themselves like visiting the spa, attending a dance class, going to a restaurant, having a cooking competition, etc. Make sure that every detail of the funny moments is captured.

  1. The Bridal Spa Treatment

A video of how the bride had her beauty treatment prior to her wedding day can be very fun and exciting. Capture the bride getting her mani, pedi treatments  and her makeup routine.

  1. The Wedding Dress Fitting

You might be wondering why you should keep the memory of your day at the seamstress or bridal shop when you went for your wedding dress fitting. It will give you a memory of how the seamstress achieved your wedding dress styles, size, and shape. You should do this if you’ve had a major wedding dress alteration. Seeing how you look in your wedding dress before the alterations can be a fun reminder.

  1. The Bridal Makeup

Yes! It’s now a popular trend for brides to have behind the scenes for their wedding day makeup. Let the photographer take some photos of your face before the makeup artist starts her work. Also, at every bit of the process let the photos be taken to show how the makeup artist achieved a unique bridal makeup look that turned you into a princess on your wedding day.

  1. The Dress Rehearsal

Let the photographer take photos of the dress rehearsal preceding your wedding day. Talk into the camera and tell your viewers why you chose the bridal look for your big day, your style of wedding dress and your designer.

  1. Arranging The Wedding Venue

If you have designed and transformed the wedding venue with your wedding planner. Then you should have a video of how the venue was before the transformation and the arrangements of the furniture, cutleries, flowers, lighting and so on. Make sure every joke you cracked is recorded. Capture how your team has worked tirelessly to make your wedding venue a love haven.

  1. How Your Mom Made Those Special Cookies & Cocktail Signatures.

Keep a reminder and let your guests know those cookies were specially made by your mama. Take them behind the scenes of how the cocktail signature was made since it’s personal to you and relates to your love story.


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