Best Flowers for Summer Weddings

summer wedding

Choosing to have a summer wedding means getting married in the prime time for the most flowers, which widens your spectrum of choices. Summertime brings you so many options to choose from, and we can guarantee that every couple will find the perfect bloom (or a combination of blooms) that they are looking for. Summer offers you a wide variety of flowers that match every aesthetic, from refined, and modern, to rustic and wild. Keep reading to find the list of the best flowers for summer weddings. 


Orchids are the first item on our list because they are an obvious and timeless choice that is going to look elegant and beautiful regardless. Orchids come in a huge range of colors, but they also come in a countless number of varieties as well, such as mini orchids, and huge orchids.


Freesias are the flower you should go with if you are after that wildflower look because they offer multiple bell-shaped blooms on each stem. Freesias are fragrant, gentle, and endlessly sweet, and they will look absolutely beautiful mixed with greenery or other bold white flowers. 


With their large size and sweet scent, gardenias are the perfect flower for boutonnières, as well as a stunning standalone bouquet for an elegant wedding. 

Gardenias offer an amazing and irresistible Southern charm, and but they do come in white or cream colors only. Make sure to have a plan for storage if you opt for these stunning blooms because they are very fragile and the petals turn brown as they die.

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