Bridal Shower Favors for Any Budget

Many bridesmaids are looking to keep wedding favors as cheap as possible while keeping them fun and actually worthy of keeping. This does not mean that you don’t care about the bride-to-be and quests, but due to the fact that these items are purchased in bulk and meant to serve as fun mementos, not gifts for bridal shower guests. If you are looking for some fun but budget-friendly bridal shower favor ideas, we are here to help you out; just keep reading! 

Sugar Scrubs

Spa-inspired favors are a staple when it comes to bridal parties, and a unique option comes in the form of sugar scrubs that are guaranteed to be beloved by the attendees!

Cute Mini Soap Bars

Mini soap bars are the type of gift that the attendees can take from the bridal shower into their own showers and actually get some use out of them! Ensure that they are cute and smell heavenly because that is everything you need soap to do! You can also customize the packaging of the soaps with the wedding date and the couple’s names. 

Mini Succulents 

If you are hosting the bridal shower somewhere outdoors, a mini succulent as a bridal gift is going to be a perfect fit for the occasion. Mini succulents are easy to care for, they require very little attention, and they are so adorable! You can also customize the pots as needed.

Wine Bottle Stoppers

If you are hosting a wine-centric shower, this is the perfect fit and the perfect pick for you! The customized wine bottle stoppers are a cheap option, but they are also practical and useful in everyday life. 

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