Choosing the colors for your wedding palette is not as easy as selecting the color of your nails and the nail salon; there is a whole science behind it, and it is not just basing your wedding arrangements around your two favorite colors. But don’t worry, because we have collected some of the most helpful tips and tricks from the experts on the matter that will help you choose the wedding color pallet that works for you! 

Take Inspiration from What You Already Know and Love

The colors that inspire your home decor and your clothes are the ones you know you can live with for a long time, and you know you love them. Look around your home and your closet to look at the shades of the furniture, décor, clothes, and accessories you are drawn to in your everyday life. This is a great starting point for choosing your wedding color palette.

Seasons Matter

Think of your wedding like your wardrobe; the color scheme can be inspired by the time of the year and the weather outside. Let’s take the color pink as an example: baby-pink will work perfectly for spring, a brighter coral will work as a summer staple, a rich fuchsia will work for fall, and blush and silver will be a beautiful and suitable combination for winter weddings.

Your Setting Matters 

Every color will not work in every setting, and you need to consider that when picking your wedding color palette. If you already have colors picked up, make sure your wedding venue works with them. If you have a wedding venue picked up, use the space to help you develop your color scheme. Use the colors of your wedding venue, the reception and the surroundings to spark an idea, whether it’s the view of the ocean, the green surroundings, or the vintage rug in the dining room. 

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