Wedding Guest List Tips & Ideas

wedding guest list

Do you want your wedding day to be witnessed by only a few of your family members, friends, and colleagues? Or do you have a ton of important people you want to invite as a wedding guest to grace the occasion? If so, take your time to carefully select your wedding guest list. This will help you to properly plan while not going over your wedding budget.

To make your wedding day more memorable, aside from your partner. The people you invite as your wedding guests are very important. However, a well-planned wedding guest list will help you to invite the right people you wouldn’t want to miss your wedding day. Sometimes we want to invite everyone we love just because we want them to share in our joy, but sooner than later, the reality of what it will cost us becomes a reality. This is when the bride and the groom are left with no other option than to make a detailed guest list.

Wondering how to make a wedding guest list that will include everyone you want and still fall within your budget?

7 Tips To A Good Wedding Guest List


  1. The type of wedding

First, consider sending out invitation cards with the type of wedding you want to have. Are you planning for an official wedding that strictly includes your immediate family? A local or destination wedding, a big size social, or celebrity wedding with a whole lot of guests? If you have a dream wedding, you should discuss it with your partner and/or parents if they are also supporting you financially. Once you have made your conclusion then you can have an approximate number of people you will have on your guest list.

  1. Your wedding budget

Another major factor you should consider before making your guest list. Decide with your partner on how much you want to spend on the wedding. Also, whether you are inviting your guests for the joining or just for the reception. If you will be inviting guest only for the reception, then agree on the portion of your wedding budget that will be used for receiving your guest. Moreover, if you are sure of getting financial help from some people who will be included on your guest list, then that’s a great reliever.

  1. Agree on the number of guest with your partner, parents, and in-laws

To avoid any form of disappointment or letting a guest feel that he/she is not well-treated, you should agree on the number of guests and then share it. If you have agreed on 200 guests that means 100 guests from your side and 100 from your partner’s side. I have suggested equal sharing so that no family will feel they are less important. Also, your personal guests and your parents’ guest will be included in the 100 guest coming from your side.

  1. Decide on the venue

If you are using a venue with small capacity, then you don’t need a long guest list. Let your list include only the important persons like immediate family members or people you have a close relationship with. The venue can also contribute to whether you will include children on your guest list or not.

  1. Agree on the guest list rules with your partner, parents, and in-law

Don’t make rules alone so that you wouldn’t have any regret or disappointments after the wedding. However, when making the rules, get your partner and his parent involved so that both your guest list and there will have the same rules. For example, agree whether you will include children, teens, age range, old family members, allowing a family member to bring their girlfriend or fiancé etc. Also, make sure to include those exceptions in the IV Cards when mailing and your reasons in a polite manner.

  1. Create colored guest groups on your guest list

Don’t just write everybody’s name together, use colored codes to identify groups on your guest list. Use different colors for immediate family, close friends, colleagues with a social relationship, close church members, etc. Let these colors be used in decorating where each group will be seated so that you can be sure of who is sitting where.

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