Best Bridesmaids Photos You Should Make

Bridesmaids Photos

When it comes to your wedding photo album, bridesmaids’ are the ones that will bring a smile on your face years after the day is over. These photos are the ones that are most often shared and liked across your social media. To make sure that they stand out and that they are up to your standards, it’s best to have a plan. The best bridesmaids photos offer something creative and unique and tell an overall story. By all means, avoid crossing your fingers and hoping that your wedding photographer is going to read your mind when it comes to your expectations. We have prepared a guide to follow our guide for inspiration and a proper plan when it comes to bridesmaids’ photos.


The First Look in The Mirror

One of the moments you have to capture and have forever is the reaction of your bridesmaids‘ faces as they see your gown for the first time. Some of them will smile, some of them will gasp and some of them might even shed a tear! Capture this memory so it can last a lifetime.


Getting Ready On the Wedding Day Morning

Most brides agree the best way to start your wedding day preparations is by all the brides getting ready together. One more plus is that you will ensure everyone looks fabulous and doesn’t break the budget by hiring one makeup artist. And while you are getting ready, your wedding photographer will have plenty of opportunities to capture the fun moments.

While you are posing, make sure to include a healthy balance of serious, happy, and maybe a little bit silly.


Raise All Hands Up

One of the most interesting poses for photos of bridesmaids is with everyone raising their hands up in the air. You can make them only with bridesmaids, or with the bride. If everyone is holding flowers, it is even better.

Look at these gorgeous bridesmaids😍 TAG someone who'd love it too😘⁠ Dress by @galialahav⁠ Bride @mrs.elliegray⁠ ⁠ ⁠


Photos of bridesmaids having fun

Funny pictures with bridesmaids cannot and should not be forgotten. A special evening out with the bridesmaids will make for an excellent opportunity to capture all the fun you are having together. With all the stress and preparation that comes with planning and executing a wedding, some fun is definitely in order. Capturing the essence of the friendship is a wedding album must-have.

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