3 Tips on How to Set & Keep Couple Goals in 2020

Couple Goals in 2020

You might have seen an elderly couple holding hands and taking a slow stroll down the park on a Sunday morning and thought, “I want to have something similar when I am of their age!” Sometimes, in a long-term relationship, one often tends to get comfortable with the way things are, even when things are not going in the right and healthy direction. Relationships are meant to grow and move forward, and one way to make sure they do is by setting up some relationship goals for you and your partner. If you are having some trouble setting up the goals that are practical, helpful, and easy to follow, we are here to help. Check out these 3 tips for sticking with your Couple Goals in 2020!

Discuss The Goals with Your Partner

The relationship is, in a sense, a collaboration and a million small compromises. Your relationship goals have to be communicated to your partner before you both decide to work to achieve them. Your partner might be unable to do work towards a specific goal, or they might have a better idea. The key to setting and achieving any type of relationship goal is based on understanding your partner and their likes and dislikes.

Celebrate Small Moments

It’s quite easy to dismiss and forget all of those small, amazing moments of victory and happiness that happen in our lives almost every day. The moments that express honest and venerable love and care for each other may pass by unacknowledged, and that should definitely never happen. So setting up a goal that makes you appreciate each other’s efforts will eventually help you take your relationship to a good place.

Keep The Goals Real and Achievable

Getting swayed by all those romantic movies and Instagram couples and having them be our guide for the coupe goals. Is extremely easy, because it all seems so perfect and so easy. But you need to remember that you don’t live in a movie and that real relationships require hard work. So, you need to set goals that are going to achievable with the reasonable amount of work put into them. For example, if you decide that your new goal is not fighting, that is going to be completely unrealistic and also harmful. Healthy couples have healthy fights from time to time. Instead, you should choose a more practical goal; like both of you will listen to what the other has to say and then react towards solving the problem, not making the fight worse.

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