Do I Need to Include the Dress Code on the Invite?

Dress Code

Every wedding has its own unique, personal style. A wedding may be themed, or minimalist. One celebration may be more formal, another more laid-back. As a result, it may be appropriate to inform your guests of the wedding dress code when you invite them to your celebration.

The benefits of enforcing a dress code

By enforcing a dress code, you are communicating very simply the type of wedding you hope to have and how formal or informal you would like it to be. Your guests are unlikely to feel you are being rude by including dress code information in their invitation but might be grateful that you have given them plenty of time to find something to wear and have saved them the embarrassment of turning up underdressed or overdressed (which is always awkward).

If you are having trouble conveying the issue of dress code on your wedding invitations, there is no need to worry, we are here to help. We have prepared some helpful ideas whether you are hosting a formal affair or a casual wedding. 

Where should you include the dress code? 

If you want to be specific about the dress code there are three main places you can do use to do that, and those are: 

  • The bottom of the wedding invitation
  • Separate details card
  • Your wedding website.

Here is what some of the most widely used dress codes mean and how you should use them. 

Black Tie

This is the most formal dress code of them all. Black Tie means that men have to wear formal tuxedos and women should wear long, formal dresses. 

Elegant/Formal Attire

Elegant/Formal Attire is a step-down in formality, but it is still elegant and chic. Elegant attire means wearing tuxedo is not mandatory; a nice suit and tie are required. Women are expected to wear long, formal dresses.

Cocktail Chic

Cocktail chic is a dress code that entails that men are expected to wear nice suit pants and dress shirts and women are expected to wear shorter, less formal cocktail dresses.

Festive Attire

Festive attire dress code means that guests should have fun and dress according to the theme of the invite. They should wear bright colors and clothes that make a big statement because it is going to be a playful event.


This dress code means that your quests’ opportunities are wide open. They are expected to be comfortable and casual, and there is really no enforced dress code.

Come as you are

This dress code simply means that your quests are welcome to wear whatever they want. 

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