A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Dress Code

Wedding Dress Code

So, your wedding is coming up… It is important to let your bride-to-be bask in the limelight, since this is probably more important for her than it is for you, but you should do not forget that you should be well-dressed during your special day as well. Because gentlemen, there is a wedding dress code.

Men tend to have a hard time picking out the perfect outfit for their wedding. Everyone in your family is going to try to have a say, and ensuring that the best version of yourself might be a bit tricky. 

To make the choice of the perfect attire much easier, we have prepared a list of tips that every groom needs to know. Keep reading and get informed.

Make Sure You Stand Out

It is always pretty obvious who the bride is, but for grooms, it can be harder to be noticed in a sea of suits. If you are looking to set yourself apart from the wedding party and the rest of your groomsmen, mix things up and wear a completely different suit to your groomsmen or a different color or fabric. The other way to make your mark is with accessories – think a different color tie, a patterned bow tie or colorful buttonhole, a stylish shirt, or stand out with a waistcoat.

Keep things coordinated

Do not forget about little extras like your belt. The best and the most fashionable option is matching your shoes to your belt so stick with the same shade. In addition, if you are looking to go all out, you might like the idea of donning some dapper braces.

Do not Forget the Shoes

Shoes can often be an afterthought but generally, the rule is if you are wearing a black suit, opt for black shoes; brown shoes work really well with navy and blue suits while grey suits will work with either color. If the shoes you plan on wearing are brand new, you should make sure to break them in or there will be very little dance floor action later on.

It is All About the Fit

Just as a wedding dress needs alterations to make it fit just right, the same goes for the wedding suit. The suit should fit perfectly so even if you buy it off the rack, it is best to pop by a tailor for alterations.

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