Tips & Tricks To Save For Your Wedding

Save For Your Wedding

The biggest love of your life comes first, then you decide to get married, and then you have to pay for that wedding. And guess what? There’s a good reason why there are no fairytales written about that check you’re going to write for the most beautiful day of your life. You do not need to break the bank to make your day memorable, though. We have collected all of the tips and tricks that are going to help you save for your wedding.

Go Paperless

Setting up a wedding website is going to allow you to can send electronic invitations for free! Also it allows you to manage your guest list (and yes, those tricky plus-ones are included) and track RSVPs. If you don’t want to commit to going completely paperless, emailing your save-the-date reminders will still help you save on stationery and postage!

Pick an Off-Peak Date

Not all wedding dates are created equal, and not all wedding dates come at the same cost. If you want to save the money, you should find out which ones are most popular in the area you plan to get married at. The more demand for the date, the higher the price will be.

Skip Saturdays

A lot of couples tend to choose Saturday as the perfect day to get married, but it is not a perfect choice if you want to save money. Saturday is generally the most expensive day to get married. Reserving your wedding venue on a Sunday, or even a weeknight is going to come at the lower price.

Negotiate Unexpected Costs

Often times, weddings are associated with endless expenses. These tend to pop up when you least expect them! Including cake-cutting, corkage fees, a photo booth, or power for your DJ. But keep in mind that you don’t have to accept them unquestioningly. If a cost seems unreasonable, feel free to request to have it removed, but make sure to do it respectfully.

Borrow Accessories

A lot of brides tend to forget that the bride’s wedding attire consist of more than just the wedding dress (think jewelry, shoes, and a veil). You can save on your accessories by using family heirlooms, which will also cover your “something old” and “something borrowed.”

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