How to Reserve Hotel Blocks for Your Wedding


Everything That Couples Need To Know 

In choosing to have a destination wedding, you are asking your guests to travel a long distance in addition to attending the wedding and getting you the wedding gift. This means that everyone will look to them for suggestions and questions regarding their travel plans (especially if it is a destination they are not familiar with).

This is why blocking hotel rooms for a wedding is a must for most destination weddings. A hotel room block is the best way to ensure your guests have a place to stay near your reception, and it is the easiest way to keep all the guests in one place. Here is everything you need to know about reserving hotel room blocks and the most efficient way to do it. 

Should You Even Block Hotel Rooms For Your Wedding?

If you are hosting more than 20 out-of-town guests, we definitely recommend blocking hotel rooms for your wedding. By blocking hotel rooms, you are essentially promising to fill the rooms for the agreed-upon timeframe. Keep in mind that the most hotels have a 10-room minimum to reserve a room block, which means that you will need to make sure that at least 10 groups of guests will stay at a hotel for your wedding weekend. 

How to Find Hotels Where Room Blocks Can Be Booked? 

Couples who are hosting a smaller wedding (around 150 guests), likely only need to reserve room blocks at one hotel. If you are hosting a bigger wedding, you may want to book room blocks at two or more hotels. If you are getting married at a hotel or other venue that offers accommodations, you should talk to the venue manager about reserving a block of hotel rooms for your guests.  

When Should You Block Hotel Rooms?

You should try your best to block the hotel rooms shortly after booking your venue, and you should make sure to do it at least six months before your wedding. If you are getting married during a busy time of year and you are concerned about hotels filling up, you should reserve room blocks nine months before the special day. 

When And How Should You Tell Your Guests About Your Room Blocks?

A wedding room blocks are useless unless your guests are aware of it. You should make sure to include room block details on your wedding website before your save-the-date goes out. That way, when guests check out your wedding website, they will see all of the details on the room blocks.

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