Do We Need Ushers At Our Wedding Ceremony? The Role of Ushers


When it comes to the wedding day and the whole process of actually tying the know with your future partner, there are so many important roles and participants in the festivities. That is why most couples find it hard to track who does what, when, and if that person is essential during the celebration. One of the most confusing roles definitely goes to a wedding usher.

What is an Usher? 

Think of an Usher as the first smiling face your guests should see upon arrival at your wedding reception. The role on an Usher is typically delegated to a family member or a close friend of the couple. This person will be given a role and they will have specific responsibilities to perform at the wedding.

What Are Usher’s Responsibilities? 

Usher’s job is to greet all of the guests attending the wedding and make them feel welcome and comfortable, escort people to their designated seats, and distribute programs. Usher can help with ceremony preparation, including handling tasks such as testing the sound system or arranging chairs, or any of those other essential last-minute tasks that come up on the big day. 

Do You Need Ushers?

The duties of ushers are important enough to require specific men to serve in that role. However, some couples choose the route of asking the groomsmen to perform the duties of the usher in addition. There is no definite and final answer, as the choice is completely up to you and what you feel is necessary for your big day. However, keep in mind that ushers are especially helpful if you anticipate any seating conflicts during your wedding day, such as keeping the divorced guests separate from each other. 

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