Secrets to A Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Engagement Ring Selfie

Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp deserve stunning pictures of your wedding ring. To take the perfect ring photo, you need to master the craft. So here are the ultimate engagement ring selfie tips and tricks to help you take perfect photos! These pieces of advice are going to help you take a beautiful picture of your ring and show off how happy you are to the whole wide world.


Make The Fingers Look Pretty

Before you snap a photo of your engagement ring, a manicure is an absolute MUST. Again, if you want to show off your ring on social media, make sure to show it on beautiful hands. Chaffed or hinges nails will ruin the pictures and take away from the beauty of the ring and the moment.


Your Background Must Be a Hit

The beauty of your ring will not be a focus of the picture if you take that picture in front of a dumpster! The background has to be as exotic and as fancy as the ring itself. Think enthralling sunset, a divine floral arrangement, beautiful sky.


Find That Good Lighting

That engagement ring definitely deserves to be presented in some good lighting. Most of the engagement pictures are going to get shot with phones instead of professional cameras. Most of the time, proposals are completely unexpected, so you don’t really have a photographer following you around.

So for the best ring selfie, get your engagement rings on your (manicured) hand and find some natural light. Avoid using dim light, especially if you are taking pictures with your phone.


Find The Perfect Angles

To make your ring appear bigger or shinier in the picture (and who doesn’t want that), you must know all the finesses of the craft. If you want to display the sparkles and unique qualities, you should take a picture of your rings from various different angles, to bring out all the intricate details of your ring. To emphasize the shape of the ring, run overhead shots with the phone flash off. This will make a ring appear bigger than it is.

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