The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Home Wedding

Home Wedding

If you have scoured the internet searching for that perfect venue, but you still cannot find anything that quite has that perfect feeling, we have a very interesting. Why not just have your wedding at home? Even though the idea sounds awesome, can it actually work? The answer is very simple: yes! However, planning a backyard wedding is not simple; there are many things to consider. To make your job easier, we prepared this guide that is going to help you have the backyard wedding of your dreams!


Unless you happen to own a barn or a ballroom or live somewhere with guaranteed sunshine, weatherproofing is something you need to think about. Weather is not something that can be controlled, and you need to have a marquee or some kind of quick-assemble canopy on standby in case of rain.

The day before your wedding is not the time to deal with the rain forecasted for you’re the biggest day of your life.

That is why you need to ensure that you have ample room to fit your marquee comfortably and any anchoring it might need, with space for a ceremony, a dancefloor, and room for chairs and tables to seat all your guests comfortably, without any crowds forming.


You have a vision of your big day, and the best way to share that with your vendors is to measure it and sketch it out! One of the reasons many couples opt for a backyard wedding is that it gives them an excuse to invite the closest and most loved people in their life, which helps them keep their guest list small. Keeping that in mind, try not to push the limits with your number of invitees and be realistic about how many people can sit, stand, dance and interact comfortably in any given space.


If you are having a backyard wedding, you absolutely NEED to rent a generator. You will be running a lot of extra power for the additional AC units for the tent, DJ’s sound booth, food preparation equipment for the caterer, and most of the houses will not be able to accommodate the surge of power needed for professional event equipment.


Bathroom is not something you want to be thinking about on your wedding day, but you should not ignore the matter. If you have more than 20 guests and only rely on the restrooms in your home, chaos is going to ensue. There are some great restroom trailers out there for rent, and you should utilize them.


The biggest variable for this one is, without a doubt, your quest count. If you have more than 50 people and your caterer needs to prep, your kitchen might not cut it and you might need to pay for additional kitchen space for them. Another route could be to call up your favorite BBQ restaurant and have them deliver the food to your backyard.

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