Planning a Second Wedding 101

Second Wedding

An estimated 40% of the weddings held in any given year have at least one partner who has been married before. So, a second wedding is not as rare thing as you might think it is. Most couples tend to feel tension and judgment if they are getting remarried or married for the second time, but there is no need for that. No one is judging you and your life decisions. However, there are a few things to be careful about and take care of because a second wedding tends to be a bit different than the first one.  Second weddings tend to be unique, depending on the circumstances that surround them. 

People tend to have so many questions. Should children be involved, and how much?  How old is too old for the couple to get married? You might be concerned about etiquette and different wedding rules you need to follow. But, the most important thing is to choose a ceremony that feels right for you. 

Remarried 101

If you are a couple that is getting remarried or if you are both getting married for the second time, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

Keep in mind that maintaining sensitivity to the unique dynamics of the family is a must. If there are children involved, they should be the first to hear the good news. It is also proper to inform a former spouse of plans when children are involved.

If it is the bride’s first marriage and the groom’s second, then a formal announcement should be made. If the bride is married for the second time, the traditional formal announcement is not made.

Paying For The Wedding

If the bride is getting married for the first time and her parents are able and willing to, they should pay for the wedding. Otherwise, the couple may choose to split the cost of the wedding or arrange a deal that works for their situation.

Kids In The Ceremony

If the couple has children (together or not, doesn’t matter), they may want to find a way to incorporate them into the ceremony. Depending on her child’s age, he/she could be a flower girl, a member of the bridal party, a ring bearer, and so on.

The Ceremony

If you are planning a small ceremony with a few of your closest friends and relatives, printed invitations are not really necessary. However, if you are planning a large ceremony, printed invitations are expected.  

Gift Option

It is customary to give a gift when a couple gets married, but if you decide not to do so on your second wedding, that is completely fine. Since you probably have all the basics that couples ask for on their wedding day, we encourage you to register for more special things or experiences.

Wedding Day Mentality 

Keep in mind that, regardless of the circumstances of the past, a wedding should be a happy celebration of the love that the couple shares! There is no need to let the worry about the “rules” stopping you from having fun and enjoying your special day!

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