Most Googled Things About Weddings in 2019

Most Googled Things

People have a whole lot of questions when it comes to weddings. The bride and groom definitely have the most, especially if it is their first time getting married. Nowadays, when people don’t know something, they turn to Google for answers, and the wedding-themed questions, that is very common. Here are some most Googled things that surround weddings, and they are all answered!

When to Send Out Wedding Invitations?

You should send out the “Save the Date” is one of the most googled things! Cards & when you should settle on an official wedding date. After you book the venue that you want to have the wedding in. The average is 12 months, but you may have a venue that is really hard to book. So, you book in advance, or as soon as you can book it. The official, fancy wedding invitations should be sent out to your guests 6 to 8 weeks before the big event. That way, they had enough time to clear their schedule, make travel and childcare arrangements, and so on.


How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

According to many studies done on this matter, the average cost for the wedding is in the $35,000 range nowadays. Of course, if you decide to have a five people wedding, it will be much less, and there will always be couples that choose to spend a fortune on lavish venues and high-end decor and gowns.


Who Pays for A Wedding?

This one comes with a few catches. If your wedding has a traditional theme and your family is very or mildly traditional, it is expected from the bride’s parents to pay the bill. But if your wedding and your views are more modern, you will have a few different options:

  • Splitting the bill between the families
  • Asking for cash from the quest instead of registry gifts

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