5 Stages of Wedding Planning Every Bride Goes Trough

Stages of Wedding Planning

Like every other significant event in your life, the wedding also requires a lot of planning. Of course, the amount of preparation depends on the size of the wedding, but there are some stages of wedding planning every bride goes through, no matter the size of the wedding.


If you get familiar with all of the stages beforehand, so you:

  1. Can be able to manage each stage much better
  2. Can understand that it’s completely normal and that you are not alone in this.
  3. Stage of pure joy

After your partner proposes to you and the two of you start going down the wedding planning lane, the fun begins. This stage is the most fun of them all. In this stage, you will be calling your parents and friends to let them know and post sweet images on IG with your ring “accidentally” showing in them.

  1. Building a foundation

In this stage, things are still fun; wedding planning starts to get real. In this stage, you should get real about your dreams and your actual budget.

  • In this phase, you should decide:
  • if you want a destination wedding or a local wedding
  • based on the season and weather, find a vision for the dress
  • all the quests on the guest list
  1. Major decisions

In this stage, you will be second-guessing yourself a lot. All of the contracts and big decisions will make your wedding feel real for the first time.

Since you made a guest list and a wish list in the previous stage, you can start signing contracts with confidence.

It is the perfect time to start picking your:

  • Venues
  • Stylists (makeup, hair)
  • Caterer
  • Florist
  • Photographer
  1. Delegation

This is one of the last stages of planning a wedding, and it gets pretty exciting once you can see the finish line! This is the time to pay special attention to detail since all of the big decisions have been made.

You should make a to-do list for people included in your wedding: flower girl, best man, parents, ushers, etc. Try to do this in person whenever it is possible, but also send an email of everything arranged.

  1. The final stage

In this stage, you may feel the urge to tend to absolutely everything. Don’t. Remind yourself that you have a team of professionals, friends, and family who have your back. Everything will not turn out perfect, but it will turn out exactly how it needs to. Keep in mind that even if something does differently than planned, it will get fixed. Now it’s time to get married, dance and have fun.

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