How to Save Money On a Wedding

Weddings can get expensive, and that’s usually one of the biggest causes of stress in future brides and grooms. This article presents you with some tips and tricks on how to avoid overspending and how to Save Money On a Wedding without being cheap on your wedding day!


Start with A Hard Maximum Budget

This is one of the most effective and realistic ways to save on the wedding: set a tight maximum budget. In order to not go over it, before you set the budget, make sure to calculate the tiniest bit of things you need and make a rough sum. Do not leave anything out.

Also, it is a good idea to ask both pairs of parents how much they want to chip in. Ask on every side you feel comfortable: close uncles and aunts, grandparents, siblings. And whatever you put on a pile is your maximum budget and that is what you are working with.


Make a Buffer for Unknown Expenses

This will save you so much time, and it will save you from so much stress. The Buffer Budget should be 15-30% of your budget. This budget will most likely not get used, but it will be useful for sure.


Use Electronic Invitations

Nowadays, one of the options when it comes to sending invitations is going so via social media or email. If you feel a little bit fancy, you can also make an online website all about your wedding and send the link to all of the quests.


Borrowing a Dress and Accessories

Wedding dresses and wedding accessories can get very expensive, especially if you decide to buy them new and never wear them again. Think about it: when are you going to wear your wedding dress again? Never, it will just stay in your closet forever. 

That is why you should borrow a dress. You can ask your mother, your auntie or your sister to lend you her dress and make sure to ask for permission to alter it. This will save you a lot of money and time you would spend searching for the dress.

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