Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Personalize Your Wedding

The ceremony is the essential part of the wedding day – it’s the reason why your nearest and dearest have gathered to celebrate, to be the witnesses of the love bride and groom are sharing. Of course, wedding ceremonies come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you and your future spouse (and your officiant) to decide how you’d like the proceedings to go. You should also know that there are several ways to personalize your wedding genuinely feel like it is your own – little touches that will make your ceremony truly feel personal. Here are a few of our favorites. We will list just a few.


Add Heirloom Details

Get nostalgic by including accessories or other items passed down from family members or friends. For example, attach your great-grandmother’s locket to your bouquet, or add a religious item that has been in your family for generations.


Share Photos

If it is allowed, you can use your entire entryway to your ceremony space to display the most beautiful photos of you and your partner. This will give your guests a quick summary of your relationship and history as a couple before they watch you tie the knot.


Honor the loved ones that are no longer around

A subtle remembering of the loved ones who have passed away can be a sweet and meaningful gesture on your big day. You can place a photo of the family members or friends on a chair in the front row as if they are there or include their favorite flower in the ceremony décor.


Include your pet

Your pet is an essential member of your family, so you may want to include him or her into your ceremony. Of course, you’ll have to get the okay from your venue first, but there’s little cuter than a furry friend dressed to the nines making his or her debut down the aisle.

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