Beautiful Single-Stem Wedding Bouquets

Single-Stem Wedding Bouquets

Large, organic, cascading bouquets brimming with blooms and greenery have been the trend for the past few seasons, but they are definitely not for every single bride.

It might be your budget or style that puts you off these lush creations; whatever it is, the choice is still valid. Just like some brides like their wedding dress to have all the lace and all the bling in the world, some brides like their dresses much more simple and “plain.” If you find yourself in this description, we have a perfect alternative for you. Instead of carrying a big and colorful bouquet of flowers, consider making a statement with just one stylish stem.

Single stem bouquets, create a look that is both effortless and edgy. We would compare them to single-tier wedding cakes. They are simple, yes, but they are also timeless, elegant, and they make a statement like no other. Even more than that, single stem bouquets allow us to see the beauty in the detail of your favorite and chosen flower. Another plus of single stem bouquets is that really let your wedding dress shine and take all of your guests’ attention! But best of all? Single stem bouquets take almost no time and no money to create, so they’re the perfect choice for the brides on a tight budget and brides that love to practice DIY.

Any bloom you love and is unique for you can be the bloom of your bouquet, but you should know that flowers with big petal filled heads work best. Here are some of the choices that are going to work best:

  • Roses (of course, roses are a classic and timeless choice)
  • Peonies
  • Proteas
  • Hydrangeas
  • Magnolias
  • sunflowers
  • And many, many others.

Maybe you have that one unique flower that used to grow in your grandma’s garden. Feel free to carry that one. Whatever works for you and your preferences.

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