The Most Common Doubts About Marriage and How to Handle Them

Marriage is a serious business, and it should not be handled lightly, which is what many couples are aware of. This knowing can create a lot of anxiety and worry about saying the big “I do, “so many people tend to face the same fears and worries. Here are some of the most common doubts about the marriage and all the advice you need to get over them. 

Division of Labor 

Many older people still stick to the tradition that there are “jobs for a man” and “jobs for a woman”, and they think that married couples should stick to that division of labor. However, since the times are changing and modern couples are much more forward-thinking, they are ditching the tradition and dividing the labor their own way. 

If you are not sure how this will be done in your marriage, make sure to sit down with your partner and talk about it. What wouldn’t you mind doing? What do you want to avoid doing? Ask those questions to your partner as well. Once those are answered, create a strategy, and stick to it. You can always revisit it and change it as times call for it.

Personality Differences

There may be constant tension regarding how often to socialize if one partner is more introverted and one is more extroverted, because the two have completely different socialization needs. 

Make sure to communicate clearly, and also have some time apart, during which you do whatever you personally find fun, and you let your partner do the same. The introvert can stay home reading, while the extrovert can go out with their cycling club. Make sure to also spend time together doing the things that your partner likes; and who knows, maybe you end up liking it as well!

The Issue of Finances 

The way we spend money is very subjective since some people tend to be spenders, and some people tend to be serious savers. However, if a serious spender marries a serious ender, you might run into some issues. 

The solution to this issue is clear communication. Make sure to sit together, turn off your emotions, and have a serious conversation about earnings, savings, and money-related goals. And if you can afford to do so, make sure to hire a financial assistant; they are experts after all, and it is always easier to leave the decision to the third (and experienced) party.

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