Tying the knot near the ocean? You have our full support. We love coastal weddings—especially those that embrace the location with thematic details, like beach-themed wedding cakes. Whether you want to go all out with a truly oceanic dessert or you prefer adorning your confection with subtle seaside touches, we’ve got plenty of beach wedding cake trends for your celebration.


The treasures of the seashells, coral, pearls—make for beautiful décor elements, so why not use these motifs across your wedding cake’s design? If you decide to use all three of them, it will make it seem as if you cake just washed up from the ocean. However, if you don’t want to incorporate these elements or want to display a cake that’s a little subtler, turn to the water itself for your dessert’s color palette inspiration, from its blue and green hues to its rippling surf. But be sure to remember that beach weddings aren’t all about the ocean. Many couples plan destination weddings on islands with other natural muses—which is why we’ve also added several tropical wedding cakes, with nods to palm fronds and other exotic foliage often found near the water, to this mix.

When it comes to beach wedding cakes, your options are as expansive as the great big blue itself. The following beachy treats were so delicious and stunning; we have no doubt that guests couldn’t wait to dive into them. Borrow from any of these wedding cake designs, and you’ll be on your way to offering your own attendees a little slice of paradise.

Here are some ideas for your perfect tropical wedding cake:

  1. Marbled Tiers

    Marbled wedding cakes can give the beachy feel. The trick? Use a light blue-and-beige color palette, like the one seen in the picture. Note how the colors mixed together to form a wave-like detail on the bottom and top sections of the dessert.


2.Blue and White

Sometimes, all you need is an oceanic color scheme to pull off the perfect sea-inspired look. All this two-tier cake needed is a blue-and-white-hued bottom layer to feel completely beachy.


3. Tropical Feel

In order to give a cake a tropical feel, add a leaf print on one tier and use a graham cracker crust on the bottom section to reference sand. Complete the beachy combination with a small floral arrangement.


4. Add crystals

A gray color scheme will do the trick of bringing beach vibes to your confection.  Also, include sugar crystals (which look like sea glass) throughout the cake; a wave detail on the bottom tier will drive the theme home.

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