Isaac James: Telling a Story Through Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography: New York based photographer Isaac James recently chose our exclusive SkyStudio as his setting for a stunning wedding editorial. We caught up with him as production wrapped to talk about what inspired the shoot, his unique take on wedding photography, and how he first got his start.                                                                                                                                                   

WE: What did you like about shooting at SkyStudio today?

IJ: Look how beautiful this is…the space is unreal.  I feel like you could have a decent amount of people in here for a wedding and I thought that it worked really well for the portraits… the high ceilings, how everything is white– there is a nice cohesion to the space that I’m obsessed with.

WE: Can you tell us about  your approach coming into the shoot?

IJ: I started with the space because I knew that was going to be the most important thing.. once I found this space I loved how clean it was and I wanted a very clean, modern shoot but [at the same time] a very warm one and SkyStudio was the inspiration. I could have gone more modern, but I’m really happy with the romantic meets modern look that we accomplished.

WE: How did you get your start in photography?

IJ: That’s such a great question! I started shooting when I was thirteen years old. My brother bought me an Olympus film camera…I started shooting with that and I shot through college, then once I graduated college I bought [more] gear, my digital cameras.

WE:  Do you have a different take on photographing weddings vs. editorial? 

IJ: No, I like to shoot weddings like an editorial. I like to shoot them with a high fashion tone, because I think that’s what sets me apart with my style of photography… I think that a lot of wedding photographers I’ve been exposed to started in wedding photography–I started shooting lifestyle photography, editorials and worked my way into wedding photography, so I think I look at things differently than a traditional wedding photographer would.

WE: What is it you like about wedding and engagement photography?

IJ: Each one has different things that I’m obsessed with. I love photographing relationships, people and stories. When it comes to shooting engagement sessions, it’s fun because the couple has usually just gotten engaged; like there’s this romantic magic that’s happening… but when it’s the day of the wedding… it’s your job to capture every aspect of the day. That’s what I love about that day. You get to tell someone else’s story…you get to tell the story of one of the most important days of their lives…Which is pretty cool.

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Behind the scenes photography and portrait: David Salpeter

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