Wedge Wedding Shoes Perfect For A Beach Ceremony

Wedge Wedding Shoes

We are here the break the news for you: wedge shoes are the BEST shoe that you can wear to the wedding, whether you are the one getting married, are the bridesmaid or just attending. Some shoes feel like they are made for a certain occasion, and it feels like wedge shoes are made for the wedding. They are elegant enough to pass as high heels, and they won’t make you stand out of the crowd like sneakers would (which is particularly important if you are a bridesmaid), but they are comfortable enough for standing, dancing and moving around. After all, wedding are for having fun, and wedge shoes are going to allow you to do so.

Here are some of the main reasons why wedges are the best wedding shoes out there, and here are some of our favorite wedge wedding shoes.


Well, this one is very obvious and previously mentioned, but it is the most important fact on our list. Wedges are insanely comfortable, and they feel like flats or sneakers. More experienced wearers of high-heels are going to feel like they are walking on the clouds.

Great For Those With Tender Feet

Not everyone is in their prime all of the time, and a lot of us are suffering with the problems with our knees and joints, especially the older population. And, while stilettos look beautiful and make you feel like a beautiful princess, they are going to make your knees and joins feel like the end of the world is near and they are going to be the first ones to go. Since these wedding shoes offer a lot of support, they are going to be much gentler on your knees and joins, and you are actually going to be able to enjoy the wedding celebration.

Perfect for outdoor weddings

If you are going to be a bride, a bridesmaid or an attendee at an outdoor wedding, you are probably banging your head against the wall about which shoes you should wear. High-heels are going to sink into the mud and grass and you might end up injured, but boots just don’t go with the outfit! We understand you, and we have the answer for you: wedges! They are elegant enough to look good in pictures, but they are stable enough to keep you on your feet.

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